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Multi Vitamin Comparison:

Is your current Multi Vitamin even absorbing?  Take at look at the graph.


Did you know that there was a study done on the absorption rates of various Multi Vitamins and the ones you see advertised on TV absorbed less than 6%!? This includes Centrum, One a Day’s, Costco, etc..  Come on in and we can show you the study.  We carry 2 brands that tested in the 90% range.

Here is a look at the Best Multi Vitamin available.  The little Big Multi is the most bio-available, highest absorbing, natural Vitamin on the market. Compare it to what you are taking, you will be blown away.

The Centrums and One A Day Multi Vitamins on the market use synthetic vitamins, artificial fillers, binders, and colors.  None of these belong in your Multi Vitamin nor do they belong in the human body.  And the pills are made into very hard dense tablets that often go completely undigested. And on top of all that, the dosage is very low!

The Little Big Multi uses only natural ingredients, only those that are the most bio-available to the human body.  And the Little Big One is an easily digestible capsule, and does not use any artificial fillers, binders or colors.