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Anxiety is a tool of the human body that is meant to be a healthy response to stresses in life or even to a dangerous situation. When we are afraid, our metabolism speeds up, our muscles tighten, and our adrenal glands produce extra quantities of adrenaline (a hormone that makes our hearts beat faster).

Anxiety becomes a troublesome response only when when can’t burn up the nervous energy it creates. When a meeting, a deadline, or a family problem sets us on edge, our bodies signal “danger” – but physical action is rarely appropriate. Instead, we endure the unpleasant sensation of a rapid heartbeat and tensed muscles. People with anxiety disorders are vulnerable to the same health problems as anyone else with prolonged anxiety.  Try these supplements to control anxiety.


Kava Kava 500mg 60 caps;
AnxioCalm 45 tabs;
Source Natural GABA,